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Prospect Visual

The Solution

What does Prospect Visual do?

Prospect Visual is a unique relationship mapping solution that allows its users to consolidate proprietary relationships and identify the full extent of their network reach. It uses patented technology to provide a clear and comprehensive view of how to reach the best new opportunities in the fastest and most effective ways.

How does Prospect Visual work?

Prospect Visual cross-references raw data with comprehensive profiles to deliver actionable knowledge about targeted contacts. Patented relationship-mapping software is then used to reveal all overlapping relationships and the paths between them, providing the clients with informed ways to engage with new opportunities.

Is Training and Support available?

All Prospect Visual customers have free and unlimited access to our Support forum and weekly training sessions. Register for training here.

What are the technical requirements for using Prospect Visual?

The only technical requirement for Prospect Visual is the use of the Google Chrome browser. Prospect Visual is optimized for use on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari and will run faster and more smoothly on those browsers than on Internet Explorer.

The Data

Where does the information come from in Prospect Visual’s database?

Prospect Visual’s database is one of the largest and most complete of its kind, currently containing more than of 85+ million professionals. Information is gathered from unstructured sources – such as SEC filings, investigative reports, public profiles, press releases, and biographical Web sites – using proprietary data mining and natural language processing systems. Prospect Visual focuses on parsing biographies to get a comprehensive view of each individual’s connections.

Do you provide supporting sources for the data?

Whenever possible, supporting sources for each relationship are provided along with the relationship summary.

Does Prospect Visual have international coverage?

Yes. The database covers professional relationships worldwide. It’s one of the largest and most complete of its kind.


  • Worldwide coverage

  • 90+ million records (as of 1/1/2014)

  • All mid-to-large organizations and universities worldwide

  • All public and large private companies worldwide

  • Most mid-size private companies worldwide and small companies throughout the U.S.

Can I add proprietary relationship knowledge to Prospect Visual?

Yes! You can add proprietary knowledge to your list of contacts and prospects. All proprietary information that has been added will remain solely inside your organization’s Prospect Visual account and will not be visible or shared externally.

How is the database updated?

The Prospect Visual database is dynamically updated. This process takes place throughout the year.

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Relationship Mapping


What is Relationship Mapping?

Relationship Mapping is a visual depiction of relationships between individuals and organizations. It’s used to reveal the strongest connections to potential new customers, investors, partners and donors from within your organization's existing network.

Is Relationship Mapping effective?

Studies have shown that prospects are 200 times more likely to be engaged when approached by someone they already have a pre-existing relationship with. Relationship Mapping reveals the vital mutual connections that make it possible to engage up to 95% of prospects in a fraction of the time that it would take to reach only 5% through traditional methods.


Why is Relationship Mapping useful now?

Relationship Mapping in prospect research is not a new phenomenon however it has traditionally been a lengthy, cumbersome process. process. With recent advances in technology and the development of sophisticated visualization techniques, it has now come to the fore as an indispensable tool when researching how to engage prospects.

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