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You can be up and running in less than 5 weeks! Every organization is different so it's very important that we work together to ensure the best results. We take a hands on approach to getting you started - and this continues throughout your entire subscription.


See how we do it, below!


Week 1


We begin with an on-boarding meeting with you and your key stakeholders to develop a tailored strategy and process to maximize the full potential of your connections. During the meeting, the Prospect Visual Customer Success team works closely with you to understand your organization's needs and build a unique strategy for a successful implementation.

Week 2

Data Collection:

We understand it takes time to collect your data. The Prospect Visual Customer Success team will provide suggestions, tips and best practices for collecting data. We believe it's not the quantity of data but the quality of data that will ensure that your Prospect Visual experience is successful.

Week 3 - 4

Account Delivery:

Our in-house Data Research team takes a few weeks to process your data. Depending on your subscription, the following steps are completed before uploading the data into your account. Once your data is ready, we move on to initial training.


Auto matching of contacts:

Your organization's contacts will be automatically synced to our database and imported to your account.


Hand matching of contacts:

Contacts are hand matched against our database by the in-house Data Research team to ensure 100% accuracy in matches.


Deep researching of contacts:

Our in-house Data Research team conducts deep research on all or selective contacts. The research is conducted not only on each contact but also on their entire network of relationships. Opting in for deep research analysis on your selected contacts can result in up to 10 times more strong connections identified.


Custom build prospect lists:

Based on your specific goals and needs, our team can help you build a custom prospect list. These prospect lists can include community leaders, industry leaders, regional leaders, organizations, corporations, board members, alumni groups and executive teams – all based on your own criteria.

Week 5

Initial Training:

Once your data has been imported into your account, our Prospect Visual Customer Success team will conduct a private training for you and your key stakeholders. This initial training is to help get you started with Prospect Visual. We structure the training to focus on your organization's specific needs.

Week 5+

Staying in Touch:

Prospect Visual's team is always here and available give you help and guidance as you need it. We are committed to you and to your success. Throughout your subscription we keep in touch and continue to check-in with you. Below, see all the different ways we continue to work closely with you.


Personalized strategy sessions:

A call with a member of the Prospect Visual Customer Success team to develop a tailored strategy to maximize the potential of your connections.


Monthly newsletter:

We keep you updated via email on all the exciting new features, blog posts and training sessions that are approaching in the near future.


Customer case studies:

For continuous education and tips for best practices, we love speaking to our customers and writing case studies to share with the rest of the subscribers.


Customer forum and support:

There is no better way to hear what customers think about Prospect Visual, then directly from them. We maintain a customer forum where subscribers can provide improvement tips, suggestions and also get answers to many of their questions.


Unlimited training and support:

Customers have access to unlimited training and support.

To register for group training sessions, please click here.

To watch quick start videos, please see below:



Want to get started quickly with Prospect Visual, please contact us or schedue a call.


Log into Prospect Visual

Everything you need to know to the first time you log into Prospect Visual. 



Identify a Direct Connection to a company

Find out if any of your organization's contacts has a direct link to a target company.

Identify Connections to individuals from the Global Database

Expand your search to find out how the contacts in your account are connected to individuals from Prospect Visual's global database. 


Use Path Reports to build and export custom reports

Get an overview on how to generate custom reports, export and share them using the powerful Path Reports functionality.


Generate a report on  Contacts connections to other saved contacts

Find out how to generate a report on any of your contacts' strongest connections to other contacts within your account.

Look up a contact's Affiliations

Understand how you can view a list of up to date affiliations for any contact in less than two minutes.


Identify Connections to your Saved Contacts

Look up connections between any contacts saved in your account and assess the strength of their connection.


Create and assign Tags based on 
your requirements

Learn the various different ways to create and assign custom Tags in your Prospect Visual account.


Generate a Report on a Contact's connections to the Global Database

Learn how you can generate a report on any contact's strongest connections to everyone in Prospect Visual's global database.


Generate a report on Connections to Corporations & Foundations

A tutorial on how to use Path Reports to show connections between a group of contacts and a Corporation or Foundation



Generate a report on connections between two groups of Tags

Learn how to generate a report on the strongest connections between any two sub-groups within your account.

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