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The Leadership Team

Sandro, CEO and co-Founder



From left to right:


Sandro, CEO & Founder


Levan, COO & Data Intelligence


Tatia, SVP of Sales and Marketing



Our story began with a cup of coffee and the morning paper in 2003...


However, one story was different. Sandro was certain that there were important hidden relationships that would have changed the story. But in order show that the missing links existed, he needed a more sophisticated mapping tool. And that's when the vision for the company was born.

He realized that relationships are extremely valuable assets but also that they are very complicated to track. So Sandro set on a journey to build a Relationship Mapping platform in order to make relationships a more accessible and visible asset for professionals.

The Passion - A picture is worth a thousand words.
The Vision - Helping organization reach their full potential.

While reading a mergers and acquisitions article in The Wall Street Journal, Prospect Visual founder Sandro Gvelesiani would often notice hidden relationships behind each story that was not visible at a glance. Instead of disregarding these missing links, he would map out the relationships to reveal hidden connections.

The Technology - The first Relationship Mapping platform.

With his career background in building platforms, Sandro began working on a prototype to visually display relationships between people, which thus became the first sophisticated Relationship Mapping platform on the market.

The Data - Tracking 64 billion relationships doesn't happen over night.

While perfecting the visualization platform, Sandro recruited a talented team with data intelligence backgrounds to build a database of relationships. However for Relationship Mapping to be a truly valuable asset, he knew that capturing just a few relationships wasn't going to present a true solution. 


For that, he needed to build the largest most comprehensive database of professionals ever created - a task only made possible through his use of patented technology. As of the end of 2013, Prospect Visual has captured raw data on over 90 million professionals from around the globe - compiling biographies and tracking over 64 billion relationships.

The Customer - Keeping customers top priority.

Relationship Mapping is both an art and science. Science accurately infers millions of relationships between individuals by continuously calculating overlapping clues, while art precisely delivers the most relevant connections to the customer at the right time. 


Up to this point, Sandro had perfected the science behind Relationship Mapping but he needed someone who knew the art behind customer needs. He shared his vision with his sister, Tatia Zuloaga, who had an extensive background in product marketing and a passion for innovation.


Through extensive market research, Tatia identified the challenges that professionals, businesses and fundraising institutions were facing on a day-to-day basis. They all cultivated valued relationships but underutilized them due to a lack of knowledge and information. She knew that Relationship Mapping was going to help professionals, businesses and fundraisers accelerate their efforts if they knew where connections existed.

The Culture - "Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

Our ultimate goal is to make Prospect Visual the indispensable tool for building strategic relationships.


By building the largest, most comprehensive database on the market while providing innovative, flexible visualizations that suit the needs of each customer's unique requirements, our mission is to completely take the complexity out of relationship mapping. We want our customers to be able to visualize every opportunity within their reach by giving them the power to unlock their most valuable asset – their relationships.


Built around the values of our leaders, the Prospect Visual Team is passionate about our customers and their needs.


We believe in relationships and in organic growth. As we grow, our aim is to stay focused on building relationships with our customers. Our customer community has been an active part of developing Prospect Visual since its earliest days. We believe in the strength of that growing community to spread the word about us and about the boutique, tailored solution that we provide.

The Future - "Excellence is not an accomplishment. It's a spirit, a never-ending process."- Lawrence M. Miller
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