The Prospect Visual App for The Raiser's Edge® finds hidden connections within your database.

Relationship Mapping is about identifying connections between constituents and prospects in order to accelerate your fundraising efforts. Organizations use their connections to capitalize on the relationships that exist between people they know and people they want to know.


The Prospect Visual App by Omatic Software allows The Raiser's Edge® users to analyze their donor networksmap mutual connections to prospects and enhance their existing data from a proprietary database of 90+ million professionals. Essentially, it creates a seamless user experience for organizations that want to better track their relationships and connect to their prospects.

How It Works
1. Sync Your Contacts


Select a list of contacts from your Raiser's Edge® database and sync them against the Prospect Visual global database. 

2. Identify Matched Records


Prospect Visual processes the records, finding the best available matches and connections. Once the matches are identified, the display will show the number of connections found to other contacts in your database.

3. Unlock Connections!


Click Unlock to access every connection that exists between your contact and everyone else from your Raiser's Edge® database.

4. Map External Connections in Prospect Visual Cloud Platform


The Prospect Visual App also includes full access to the cloud platform for additional research.

The Prospect Visual cloud platform provides the following capabilities along with many others:

  • Mapping external connections for each contact

  • Affiliations of each contact along with dates and supporting sources

  • Mapping connections to organizations, companies and foundations

  • Six unique interactive visual maps, paths and tables to display different types of connections

  • Connection and affiliation reports that can be exported into Excel, JPEG and PDF

  • Unlimited access to the database of 90 million professionals and their connections

Test-Drive For Free

The Prospect Visual App contains 10 complimentary unlocks for every new customer. Begin mapping your relationships in 3 easy steps!


  1. If you don't already have AppOmatic for the Raiser's Edge, download the latest version by clicking here.

  2. Launch AppOmatic® and navigate to the Marketplace by clicking on the grid icon. 

  3. Download the Prospect Visual App and start mapping connections!


Once you have used all 10 complimentary unlocks, you can purchase additional subscriptions packages right here.

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