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Relationship Mapping: Breaking Down Geographical Barriers for You

by Zach

“We are from a small town, with a limited scope, so how can Relationship Mapping help us?”

I get this question A LOT. That is, how does an organization that tracks, targets, and approaches prospects with limited resources geographically become stronger as an organization? The number of people I talk to from smaller, rural organizations equals the numbers from larger, urban areas. One would think with urban populations making up 80% of America’s population that the majority of my time tends toward America’s urbanites. Wrong.

As America’s population migrates toward the concrete jungles, how can an organization adapt? Close regional ties are dwindling. So what steps can an organization take to adapt to this change? Specifically, how can Relationship Mapping assist smaller, rural organizations?

For starters, you have to stay connected. Long-lost constituents are a persistent problem in this business, more so for small town organizations. As your constituency moves away from your rural location you have to be prepared. With Prospect Visual and the ability you have through Relationship Mapping, we can fill that void. We break down geographical barriers for you. We make your long-lost constituent feel closer to you than ever. We connect that long-lost alumni to your current donors and we connect that individual to other regional ties you might have. In short, we show you whom he knows, how, and how well in a specific area. Problem solved.

Speaking of problems – finding new prospects is one that always comes to mind. The constant flow of new prospects is always a problem no matter the size of the city or town in which your organization resides. Since small town organizations are limited geographically, you need to be creative with how you approach this problem of finding new prospects.

Relationship Mapping is a unique service in that regard. Let’s imagine that your organization is in a town of 20,000 people and all the large metro areas near you are a long day’s drive away. You know for a fact you have a good resource of current donors in these cities. How do you take advantage of them? In other words, how do you break down the geographical barrier and connect to prospects in these cities near you?

By identifying community leaders and prominent individuals who are connected to your organization, Relationship Mapping can provide you with a list prospects in those difficult regions and show you how to connect to them through your existing relationships. We can show you who that current donor knows in that area, how, and how well. Through Relationship Mapping you can feel closer to those major metro areas around you than ever before.

This isn’t at all limited to your region. If you have broader ambitions of widening your global scope, Prospect Visual can do that for you. Currently, Prospect Visual has 90+ million people in our global database and our goal is to double our global database in the coming year. If you are in a small town in America, we give you the ability to connect to those long-lost prospects in any area of the United States. If you have ambitions of finding prospects in Europe, Asia, and beyond, we can show you how. In short, we broaden your reach and make an organization more powerful when geographical barriers persist.

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