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The Efficiency of Relationship Mapping

by Brent

“I have no time! Research requests are piling up!”

Skeleton crews and well-staffed teams have one thing in common: all are pressed for time. Campaigns, events, bios, research requests, and finding connections overrun the day.

I speak with clients every day who say that a brief report can take anywhere from 3-6 hours and a detailed report on individuals can take 1-2 days. When we discuss connections to organizations by cross-referencing board members’ affiliations to constituents, it can be days before the request is complete.

I am incredibly happy that we have technology to assist us in these tasks today rather than being relegated to search corporation filings and trying to keep track in Excel!

With Relationship Mapping technology, we can instantly see the connections between our constituents and prospects. Then we are able to quickly produce reports to break down the strongest relationships with quick biographies on the targeted individuals. On average, a brief report will take 15-30 minutes to complete and the more detailed reports can take up to an hour, which is a remarkable savings.

Relationship Mapping

Brief Report

Detailed Report

Organization Report

Without a tool

3-6 hours

8-10 hours

2-3 days

With a tool

15-30 minutes

0-1 hours

1-2 hours

Minimum time savings

2.5 hours

7 hours

14 hours

Relationship Mapping can be your key to freedom! Allow a change from the reactive nature of your job to a proactive approach of targeting the most likely donors to your cause.

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