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NewsVisual: Who will benefit from Whatsapp's windfall?

Yesterday's news about the unprecedented price paid by Facebook to acquire the Whatsapp messaging service left us wondering - what are the people behind Whatsapp going to do with all that money?!

Will they donate some of it? And if so, who will be the benefactors?

This image from Prospect Visual that shows why Stanford might have been especially happy while reading the news yesterday...Brian Acton is a Whatsapp co-founder - reportedly now a billionaire. And who is Jim Goetz? A prominent Whatsapp Board member and investor.

A couple of days ago we posted an article on Stanford's highly successful year of fundraising - US $1 billion in 2012-2013... Looks like they've got a chance to continue 2014 in the same vein!

If you're interested in finding out whether you've got any hidden Whatsapp connections, drop us a line and we'll run a free connection report for you!

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