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NewsVisual: Mike Millegan donates $300,000 to Angelo State University. Prospect Visual shows his clo

Yesterday the The Texas Tech University System Board of Regents announced that the ASU weight room in the Junell Center will be renamed the Ben and Alvetta Kelly weight room after a generous donation from Mike Millegan.

Millegan's explains why he wanted the name, “Ben Kelly opened up the doors at ASU so that many African American athletes could follow his footsteps. Leader is how I define him. He has displayed the courage, strength and unselfishness to breakthrough and make a difference. I'm inspired by him and his wife Alvetta’s dedication to serving and improving the lives of others, but specifically the African American community.”

Millegan made a gift of US $ 300,000 and in addition to funding renovations in the weight room, this donation will be used to create the Michael H Millegan Academic Athletic Enhancement Endowment. Mike Millegan was a member of ASU's football team in 1978 and has maintained close relations with his alma mater.

Prospect Visual has provided us with a visual map of some of these relationships. As we analyze more and more donations made by individuals or foundations to certain schools, it becomes apparent that there are always strong relationships between the donors and individuals associated with the institution receiving the donations.

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