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NewsVisual: GWU to receive $80 million from philanthropists, Michael Milken and Summer Redstone... S

Last week it was announced that George Washington University was set to receive $80 million in three gifts connected to two philanthropists - Michael Milken and Summer M Redstone.

Redstone’s charitable foundation will provide $30 million over five years to establish a global center for prevention and wellness... Around $40 million over five years will then come from the Milken Institute to support the university’s young and growing school of public health and the school will also receive a further $10 million spread over this year and next from the Milken Family Foundation.

The Milken Institute and Redstone gifts each break a record for the school that was set in 2011, through a partnership with the Textile Museum that resulted in $25 million for the school.

The above image from Prospect Visual shows the influencers behind these record-breaking gifts. On the left are the two donors with the map showing their connections to high-ranking constituents at GWU.

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