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NewsVisual: Loyola University receives $10 milllion in donation from its Alum, Prospect Visual analy

Loyola University receives $10 million from alumni John Schreiber, a graduate of the school of business from the 1960's.

The donation will go towards facilitating the new business school facility downtown. The 10 story building will be on the college’s water tower campus at State and Peterson streets and will be named as John and Kathy Schreiber Center.

The President of Loyola University and CEO, Rev. Michael J garinzini, quotes: “The gift will lead to a state-of-the-art, environmentally sustainable building that will allow for collaboration, learning and great debate.”

As a student under Loyola University John Schreiber was influenced and mentored by his business school professors and the President of the university. The former President of the university Rev. Raymond Baumhart also gave him the recommendation letter that helped Schreiber get into Harvard Business School and eventually to a successful career.

Prospect Visual has analyzed the key relationships that Schreiber had with constituents at Loyola university that may have influenced his donation and reproduced a visual map showing a summary of those connections.

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