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NewsVisual: University of Guelph football coach, Stu Lang, donates $10 million to Queen's University

It was a promise Stu Lang made to his wife when they set up a charitable foundation - to support education and facilities primarily in the schools that they have attended. Last week it was revealed that he kept his promise by donating $10million to Queens University to revive its stadium.

Stu Lang quoted: "The hope was that as lead donor, I would inspire some of the other alumni and people connected with the university to step up."

Stu Lang graduated from the Queen’s University in 1974 with his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and also met his wife while he was there.

His history with the school is a long one, despite his current association with the University of Guelph and you can see in the image from Prospect Visual, some of the key relationships Lang has with Queens University constituents. Together with the promise he made to his wife - these are the relationships which may have helped influence his $10 million gift.

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