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NewsVisual: New York Couple donates $3 Million to Penn State University, what prompted their generos

Last week, it was announced that Ted McCourtney and wife Tracy, a 1965 Penn State graduate, have donated $3 million to the College of Liberal Arts at Penn state University.

What prompted the McCourtney's to make their donation to Penn State? Tracy McCourtney would have had an affinity to her alma mater however it's interesting to note that her husband had several key relationships with prominent constituents there. The image above is taken from Prospect Visual and shows a snapshot of some of the strongest of those relationships. Could these connections have been the deciding factor when it came to the couple making their donation?

Donation Details

The $3 million donation went to the democracy institute in the College of Liberal Arts whose goals are to educate citizens about political processes, factors affecting politicians and public policy decisions. In a news release, the university called the donation transformative and revealed that the institute will be renamed “The McCourtney Institute for Democracy” in honor of the couple's donation.

Tracy McCourtney says: “We believe that the institute will help advance the best practices of effective democracies and motivate not only Penn State students, but also lawmakers, policymakers and citizens to elevate governing in our country.

Interested in capitalizing on your organization's relationships?

From this story and previous examples covered by our NewsVisual posts, it is plain to see that many University donations are made by people who have close connections to the institution. If you're interested in finding out which prospective donors you already have connections to, schedule a 15-min live demo with us today.

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