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NewsVisual: University of Arizona former dean supports school with $10 million donation.

The Gift

Over the weekend it was revealed that the University of Arizona College of Optical Sciences had received, on this their 50th Anniversary year - the largest scholarship gift in UA's history: a donation of $10 million in endowments from Jim Wyant, a former dean of the college.

The Donor

Apart from having previously been a dean at the college, Wyant has also served at UA as a professor and director - meaning his links to the school are numerous and strong. This image from Prospect Visual shows 10 of his strongest connections to high ranking UA contstituents.

The Power of Relationships

Having identified the connections shown in the map, the donation - though record-breaking in its generosity - will be unsurprising. It has emerged again and again that many of the largest donations to Universities and Colleges in the United States are made by donors with current links to people at their chosen schools.

When viewed in that context, it seems perfectly understandable that Wyant, with all of his close, strong relationships to UA, would become such a generous beneficiary to the school.

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