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Sometimes, there are things that only a visual can truly convey!

It's no secret that as a company, we're big on visuals - everything we do is based on our core belief that maps and graphs can convey far more insight than text or tables.

Sifting through vast amounts of raw data to try and draw conclusions that can help your business or your nonprofit is not only time-consuming, it can also be extremely boring! If you can get an image to convey the same information though... comprehension is instant! And it can often be awe-inspiring.

That's always the goal when we develop interactive maps for Prospect Visual.

And we're not alone. Just take a look at this beautiful graphic shared by @Recode from @TwitterData. The inspiration for my post this morning - it shows a data visualization of Tweets as the sun rises across the globe.

There are some things that only visuals can truly convey!

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