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NewsVisual: SUNY Stony Brook gets $3.5 million from New York couple - what made them donate?

On Tuesday it was announced that The State University of New York's Stony Brook is directing a $3.5 million donation from New York couple, Kavita and Lalit Bahl, towards a new molecular imaging lab which will also be named in honor of the couple responsible for the endowment.

According the a Press Release from the school, the Bahl Laboratory will “enable Stony Brook physicians and researchers to diagnose and monitor disease at the molecular level, as well develop new, targeted treatments for cancer, neurological disorders, and other diseases."


Lalit Bahl works at a company which specializes in medical imaging technology called Renaissance Technologies. Jim Simons - also part of the company - earlier made a matching donation to the school.

Why did he do it?

If you've been keeping up with NewsVisual you'll know that Bahl's connection to another donor to the school already makes him a great prospect for the school. Added to that the image from Prospect Visual shows a few other rel that may add to this status and combined to be a major influence when it came to making the decision to make his gift.

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