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Why Clients Pick Us?
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We are exceptional at identifying qualified and actionable connections.

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Relationship Mapping. We are the market leaders in mapping relationships you care to see.

Customer Centric. We help you to maximize your ROI and listen to your needs every step of the way.

Visualization. We provide the most sophisticated data visualizations available on the market.

Data. We capture more relationships than anyone else in the industry.



​Social Media. We don't use Facebook or Twitter to find connections.


​List Provider. We don't sell lists, but we help customers generate lists based on their needs.


​Profile Provider. We don't focus on profiles, but we provide all details behind each connections.


Share Customer Information. We don't share or use customer data - ever!


Prospect Visual      vs.     Other Solutions
The Data

90 million vs. 3 million: Our database is the foundation of everything. It currently contains over 90 million people and is expected to reach 130 million this year.

Client driven: Prospect Visual's data is client driven. We include what our clients want to see, not just the very top-tier and the over-targeted individuals. Our scope is broader and our data is ever increasing.


Transparency: The data we have is completely transparent. Verification is important to us and to our clients. For every piece of information we gather, we offer specific sources showing what we read, where we read it, and when.

The Relationships

Actionable and direct connections: Prospect Visual focuses on the most actionable connections. It may be nice to see that we are connected to Bill Gates through John Smith through Jane Doe through Mike Jones, but does that have any bearing on our ability to form a real relationship with Bill Gates?


Eliminating noise: We focus your time and resources on the best one-to-one relationships that are actionable. We also allow you to hide weak or irrelevant connections such as education.


Custom relationships: We allow clients to add their own proprietary knowledge and relationships to their private account, which is protected and never shared with other users. 

The Service

Always responsive: We are incredibly responsive to the needs and wants of our clients. We work with our clients through training and strategy meetings. We are always available and, most importantly, we listen.


Client focused: Functions and capabilities that you see in Prospect Visual are directly driven by the needs of our clients. Path Reports, for example, was an idea that came from a client and we built it for that client from the ground up.

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